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Learn, Lead & Enjoy
Home Based Education Support System From KG Till 12th Class. Score High in Exams

1.Understand Us
Understanding of the school books, syllabus and their content is desire of every successful student. Children study with interest and their focus in studies become sharp with our unique student education support system. We ensure that the student imbibe the habit of self study, self improvement & self assessment. The spark to do well in studies ignites from Smaart Education. It builds up self confidence & reduces stress for the child. The child learns faster and the improvement is seen with in a week. The overall health of the student improves and he gets time to develop other hobbies and grow in all dimensions. Smaart Education helps parents to teach their children in the comforts of their home. This prevents the extra travel of the child to gain uncertified local knowledge and also saves precious money of parents.

2.Believe Us
The second important step which comes after understanding, is believe in the Principles of Smaart Educations, that too 100%, without having 0.01% of doubt.

3.Follow us
The path of success is not difficult. The digital study material is specially designed for the CBSE and NCERT books. It is approved by the Indian Education System and is followed by the world class schools. This simple smart system is at your door steps for the first time to transform the destiny of your school going child.

4.Enjoy the success
Now its time to enjoy the success Let child feel confidant and proud of his achievements. Let him develop the habit of winning and scoring in the classroom. He will have all the extra time in hand to develop hobbies and other talents. Let the child learn his subjects faster and quicker.

Leaders are made in schools... Learn, Lead & Enjoy the school books…

  • Smart School Tutor
    The Smart School Tutor is an offline product, which is designed for Indian students. The product consists of K-12 digital content, supported by robust assessment software and is strictly mapped to local school curriculum.
  • Study learn
    Smart is an online learning platform for Indian K-12 students. This online platform by far is the most advanced learning platform that is available in the market. The entire digital content, along with the assessment software is the part of the offering.
  • K-12 Digital Content library
    With over 50,000+ eLearning modules, the K-12 digital content library is the most comprehensive and complete library available in the market. The content library can be completely customized and localized as per customer’s requirement
  • Smart Studies Assessment Suite
    Smart Studies Assessment suite provides a robust assessment environment for K-12 institutions to create, monitor and host assessments on real-time basis. It runs both offline and online and can support millions of users simultaneously.
  • Smart Studies ERP
    Smart Studies ERP is a Management system that is completely customizable and highly personalized so as to enable a complete “Individualize experience' for education institutions same time, coupled with the provision of running on a cloud.
  • Smart Studies
    Smart Studies is the most complete and comprehensive solutions for K-12 institutions. The solution aims at creating a digital learning ecosystem by amalgamating digital content, assessment and analysis on real time basis.
  • Smart Studies Junior
    Smart Studies Junior is India’s first 100% digital chain in the country. The complete curriculum has been mapped to high definition 3D/2D animation with World class voice over.
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